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Lorien Stern

Ceramics421 Ceramics426 Ceramics520 Ceramics668 Ceramics671 Ceramics695 Ceramics815 il_570xN.692884249_snan

Usually, sharks don’t really strike as the friendly type. But pair them with bright colours and they look much more fun, almost cute! Lorien Stern is the genius behind this idea, and creates shark heads in rainbow colours with ceramic and an obvious sense of humour. I really love those heads, and wouldn’t mind one or two in my living room!

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Fow Eating Skyr Photography | Lazzari Winter 2014 Lookbook

lazz  lazz2lazz1 lazz3 lazz4 lazz5 lazz6 lazz7 lazz8

I don’t know much about Fox Eating Skyr, except that they are a video and photography production company based in North Italy, and that they produced this beautiful series of photos for the Winter 2014 season of fashion brand Lazzari. I fell in love with these when I saw them in Frankie Magazine and they reminded me a bit of the aesthetics of Wes Anderson: frontal photographies, colourful shots and a touch of the 70s. Aren’t these just great?

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Studio Noortje | My Knitted Boyfriend

KB5My-Knitted-Boyfriend KB4 KB2 KB1

Men, beware! You might be replaced by this happy woolly boyfriend if you are not careful enough! Single women looking for the perfect match, this might be your lucky day.

My Knitted Boyfriend is a huggable cushion made for lonely nights. He is forever smiling and will never leave you. What more can you ask for?

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Ignacio Canales Aracil

tumblr_n75jbf8mrz1r2ux15o1_1280 tumblr_ni5s4l7g2t1r2ux15o1_1280tumblr_mu3d2w5DCd1r2ux15o1_1280 tumblr_mu3egiADyD1r2ux15o1_1280 tumblr_n4h72bLMBE1r2ux15o2_r1_1280

Ignacio Canales Iracil is a Spanish artist who collects flowers before pressing them into large molds and waits for the magic to happen. These beautiful sculptures are made with flowers and flowers only, and are obtained with a lot of patience (a month!) and love. Once ready, the artist only sprays them with light varnish to protect them from moisture.

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Eugenia Loli | Oh, L’amour

A Couple of Sailors Bloomy Kiss Consensually So Dependable Relationship Discothèque Encapsulated by Double Quotes Gold Digging Pervasive Relationship Rocky Start

Eugenia Loli is a Greek, California-based artist who creates images of love and passion by using collage and vintage images. Each of her works has a meaning and a story behind it, as she says in her biography:

“It’s important for me to “say” something with my artwork, so for the vast majority of my work there’s a meaning behind them. I usually do this via presenting a “narrative” scene in my collages, like there’s something bigger going on than what’s merely depicted. Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, some times it’s horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, some times it’s chill. I leave it to the viewer’s imagination to fill-in the blanks of the story plot.”

You can buy her prints here.

Lorraine Loots | 365 Postcards for Ants

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Lorraine Loots paints teeny tiny scenes (smaller than a pound coin) with great details, colours and shading. She started this project on the 1st of January, 2013 and thought that it could be a nice little idea to stick to everyday. It then became bigger when people started booking days and requesting a specific idea to be drawn. Can I just buy them all?

(via Frankie Magazine)

Davide D’Elia | Antivegetativa

51_1 51_2 51_3b 51_4 51_8

Antivegetativa is the name of a thick anti-fouling paint used to cover old ships to prevent them from moulding. It basically kills any living form. This exhibition held at the Ex Elettrofonica gallery in Rome took over the whole exhibition space, “dipping” it into this beautiful blue colour. The walls, the floor but also the various objects (such as a chair and several paintings gathered from flea markets and old roman cellars) have all been covered by the blue paint. In his statement, Davide explains that he wants to experiment in stopping nature’s physicality as well as the passing of time.

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Darlene Cole

darlene darlene1 Untitled Untitled 2 Untitled 3

Canadian artist Darlene Cole paints enchanting scenes with flowers, bears, horses and children. They look like they are part of a dream world where everything is peaceful and colourful. *sigh* I love each and everyone of them.

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Jee Young Lee

jeeyounglee1LoveSeek jeeyounglee2TheMoment jeeyounglee3MonsoonSeason jeeyounglee4Childhood jeeyounglee8Flu jeeyounglee9Raw

Jee Young Lee is a Korean artist who uses her studio to create these whimsical scenes. To do so, she doesn’t use any digital manipulation but instead she paints, makes and arranges the room to eventually take one single photo of it. Taking her inspiration from Korean tales and personal experiences, these self-portraits explore “her quest for an identity, her desires and her frame of mind”, according to OPIUM Gallery. Aren’t they poetic and beautiful? (via My Modern Met)

Lisa Madigan


Thick pastel paint on wood, what’s not to love? I simply adore these paintings by Australian artist Lisa Madigan. And not only are they lovely as hell but they ALSO have super sweet names such as Kiss-Kiss, Banana Flower or Heart Pop. Want!

(via Jealous Curator)