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Lorraine Loots | 365 Postcards for Ants

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Lorraine Loots paints teeny tiny scenes (smaller than a pound coin) with great details, colours and shading. She started this project on the 1st of January, 2013 and thought that it could be a nice little idea to stick to everyday. It then became bigger when people started booking days and requesting a specific idea to be drawn. Can I just buy them all?

(via Frankie Magazine)


Darlene Cole

darlene darlene1 Untitled Untitled 2 Untitled 3

Canadian artist Darlene Cole paints enchanting scenes with flowers, bears, horses and children. They look like they are part of a dream world where everything is peaceful and colourful. *sigh* I love each and everyone of them.

(via The Jealous Curator)

Lisa Madigan


Thick pastel paint on wood, what’s not to love? I simply adore these paintings by Australian artist Lisa Madigan. And not only are they lovely as hell but they ALSO have super sweet names such as Kiss-Kiss, Banana Flower or Heart Pop. Want!

(via Jealous Curator)

Jessica Harrisson | Enamel

Harrison_Paintedlady01(1) Harrison_Paintedlady02(1) Harrison_Paintedlady03(2) Harrison_Paintedlady05(1) Harrison_Paintedlady06(1) Harrison_Paintedlady08(1) Harrison_Paintedlady10(1) Harrison_Paintedlady12(1)

These pretty ladies have been tattooed all over by Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison. Using vintage ceramic statuettes of young women of high society, she gives them a little twist by painting tiny detailed tattoos. These add a tough and rebellious touch to the little ladies, and I couldn’t love them more.

(via My Modern met)

The Children’s Hospital, London

Chris_Haughton_1-600x400 Chris_Haughton_3-600x400 Chris Haughton Miller_Goodman_4-600x400 Miller_Goodman_6-600x400 Miller Goodman ChildrensWard_Small_001 ChildrensWard_Small_009-600x400 Donna Wilson morag_3 Morag_Myerscough_4

Morag Myerscough

Hospitals being such terribly depressing places, 15 artists have been commissioned to redecorate the London Children’s hospital. The result is a mix of patterns, animals, flowers and above all bold colours, that will hopefully brighten up some of the little patients.

Such a good idea!

For more information, visit Vital Arts.

(via Demilked)

Christopher Gee

11.-Black-Cat 12.-Moon 32.-Lighthouse openhands Owl White-Stag prt_300x413_1414941290prt_300x428_1414944483

Christopher Gee is an English painter who creates moody and beautiful scenes. He usually paints small intimate portraits of animals and sad boys. He takes his inspiration from folk art and northern Renaissance painting. These mysterious scenes, dominated by the moon, an eclipse or simply a very dark night make the viewer feel like they are entering a story and something is about to happen.

Will Cotton

Beyond the Pleasure Principle_2014_001_P Coconut Cake_2013 Cotton Candy Queen_2012  Ice_Cream_2009 Nut_House_2012 Pastoral_2009 Persistence of Desire 3_2014_005_P The Coming Storm_2014_006_P_WCedit

In Will Cotton‘s world, houses are made of gingerbread and clouds of candy floss. Naked women lavish in cream and sweet bubbles, wear lollipop hats and ride whipped cream giant fish. I want to be part of his world and spend my entire life licking my surroundings.

Rebecca Szeto | Paintbrush Portraits

2f66e1147794225a-BadHabits 07f542ae5e3823e5-Geisha 358bc8880bdc2af8-DoaHongari2 0561c5cba02180ec-BlueBrush 5665e133c098b60d-Honor a595d2199ee74e98-MeninaIV bc6d5cae37b53254-3WorldisYourOyster f5e3f3b1439a918a-MadonnaChild3 f734a44cf0f9605d-Daughter-of-Fortune2

Artist Rebecca Szeto gives new life to old mass-produced paintbrushes by carving and painting them into beautiful portraits of aristocratic dames seen in historical paintings. By doing this, she questions the notions of beauty and value. She also refers to the act of painting by painting on the tool itself. Aren’t they just beautiful?

(via Demilked)


allmic biscuiti chibrituri faina lapte miere oua sapun sirop

When I found Romanian artist Aitch’s work online, via The Jealous Curator’s blog, I instantly fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t? These packagings are just too cute to be true. I wish they were real though. Anyway, I ended up browsing the artist’s website and I LOVE pretty much everything this artist makes. Look at these:

1 head heart human Screen-shot-2014-03-17-at-9.22.28-PM_1509 skeleton womb

Aren’t these simply amazing? Yes, yes they are.


Danielle Kroll | Sketchbook

DKroll_Sketchbook_01 DKroll_Sketchbook_02 DKroll_Sketchbook_03 DKroll_Sketchbook_04 DKroll_Sketchbook_05 DKroll_Sketchbook_06 DKroll_Sketchbook_07 DKroll_Sketchbook_08 DKroll_Sketchbook_09 DKroll_Sketchbook_10

Aren’t these super super pretty? Yes? I LOVE them (I wish my sketchbook looked like that). Inspired by her childhood memories, vintage treasures and “the weird and wacky”, Danielle Kroll has taken the mission of brightening up our day. She definitely succeeded.