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Eugenia Loli | Oh, L’amour

A Couple of Sailors Bloomy Kiss Consensually So Dependable Relationship Discothèque Encapsulated by Double Quotes Gold Digging Pervasive Relationship Rocky Start

Eugenia Loli is a Greek, California-based artist who creates images of love and passion by using collage and vintage images. Each of her works has a meaning and a story behind it, as she says in her biography:

“It’s important for me to “say” something with my artwork, so for the vast majority of my work there’s a meaning behind them. I usually do this via presenting a “narrative” scene in my collages, like there’s something bigger going on than what’s merely depicted. Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, some times it’s horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, some times it’s chill. I leave it to the viewer’s imagination to fill-in the blanks of the story plot.”

You can buy her prints here.


Kincso Nagy | Harry Potter

harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-1 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-2 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-4 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-7

Kincso Nagy has been making this collection of all the Harry Potter books for her Bachelor’s degree. Her version of the famous books not only glow in the dark but one of them (The Philisopher’s Stone) even has amazing pop-up illustrations in it! As an all-time Harry Potter fan, I couldn’t not love them (they are so magical!) and I really wish she could sell them!

(via Bored Panda)

Diana Beltran Herrera | Bird Stamps

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Diana Bertrand Herrera is a Colombian artist who enjoys creating birds out of paper. For this series, she recreated some of the stamps she has been collecting for two years. The birds have been magnified and appear to be coming out of the stamps. Using a 3D technique, she has been working on every detail of each stamp to make these delicate works of art.

(via My Modern Met)

Charles Young | Paperholm

Charles Young is an Edinburg-based architect who enjoys creating miniature buildings in his spare time. Using watercolor paper, he creates detailed reproductions of machines and houses that come to life by using gifs. Aren’t these super cool?

(via My Modern Met)

Elisabeth Lecourt | Les Robes Géographiques

13_coquille-de-noix-et-allumette 13_dans-les-nuages 13_la-bulle-de-savon-multicolore 13_la-chasse-au-papillon 13_le-chateau-mandarine 13_le-farwest-zigzag 13_le-poisson-dargent-volant 13_le-tableau-noir-et-la-cloche

Elisabeth Lecourt is a London-based artist who creates dresses with vintage maps of London, San Francisco, Dublin and other major cities of the world. Folding them into pleated dresses, the artist gives them a new life. Beautiful.

(via Honestly WTF)

Danielle Kroll | Sketchbook

DKroll_Sketchbook_01 DKroll_Sketchbook_02 DKroll_Sketchbook_03 DKroll_Sketchbook_04 DKroll_Sketchbook_05 DKroll_Sketchbook_06 DKroll_Sketchbook_07 DKroll_Sketchbook_08 DKroll_Sketchbook_09 DKroll_Sketchbook_10

Aren’t these super super pretty? Yes? I LOVE them (I wish my sketchbook looked like that). Inspired by her childhood memories, vintage treasures and “the weird and wacky”, Danielle Kroll has taken the mission of brightening up our day. She definitely succeeded.

Abigail Brown |Creatures

abigailbrown1 abigailbrown2 (1) abigailbrown2 coati raccoon2_sml

London-based artist Abigail Brown created these wildly cute masks using paper mache. They look amazing and unlike the usual trophy hunt, they are completely cruelty free. Plus, they have a little hint of macabre. I am sold, and want them all on my wall.

(via The Jealous Curator)