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Lorien Stern

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Usually, sharks don’t really strike as the friendly type. But pair them with bright colours and they look much more fun, almost cute! Lorien Stern is the genius behind this idea, and creates shark heads in rainbow colours with ceramic and an obvious sense of humour. I really love those heads, and wouldn’t mind one or two in my living room!

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Studio Noortje | My Knitted Boyfriend

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Men, beware! You might be replaced by this happy woolly boyfriend if you are not careful enough! Single women looking for the perfect match, this might be your lucky day.

My Knitted Boyfriend is a huggable cushion made for lonely nights. He is forever smiling and will never leave you. What more can you ask for?

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Ignacio Canales Aracil

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Ignacio Canales Iracil is a Spanish artist who collects flowers before pressing them into large molds and waits for the magic to happen. These beautiful sculptures are made with flowers and flowers only, and are obtained with a lot of patience (a month!) and love. Once ready, the artist only sprays them with light varnish to protect them from moisture.

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Jessica Harrisson | Enamel

Harrison_Paintedlady01(1) Harrison_Paintedlady02(1) Harrison_Paintedlady03(2) Harrison_Paintedlady05(1) Harrison_Paintedlady06(1) Harrison_Paintedlady08(1) Harrison_Paintedlady10(1) Harrison_Paintedlady12(1)

These pretty ladies have been tattooed all over by Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison. Using vintage ceramic statuettes of young women of high society, she gives them a little twist by painting tiny detailed tattoos. These add a tough and rebellious touch to the little ladies, and I couldn’t love them more.

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ReCheng Tsang

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ReCheng Tsang is a California-based artist who creates wall panels using porcelain. She usually leaves it unglazed so the viewer can focus on the shape and sensuality of each piece of porcelain. Each artwork is composed of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of porcelain, each shaped by hand. The artist is interested in the dichotomous between “the porcelain’s hardness and permanence, and the resulting work which appears to be delicate, ephemeral and in motion”.

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Diana Beltran Herrera | Bird Stamps

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Diana Bertrand Herrera is a Colombian artist who enjoys creating birds out of paper. For this series, she recreated some of the stamps she has been collecting for two years. The birds have been magnified and appear to be coming out of the stamps. Using a 3D technique, she has been working on every detail of each stamp to make these delicate works of art.

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Thomas C. Chung | “A Promise Made, Is A Promise Kept”

download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4) download (5) download Australian artist Thomas C. Chung hand stitched 88 full-sized succulents for an installation called “A Promise Made, Is A Promise Kept” in 2013 at Bloom Art Space in Shanghai. 88 is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture, with the artwork speaking about growth and patience for change in the global climate (which he probably needed to hand-stitch them all!), as seen from a child’s point of view.

I love plants but since I have a tendency to kill them all (too much love?), perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in one of these cuties? (via Frankie Magazine)

Rebecca Szeto | Paintbrush Portraits

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Artist Rebecca Szeto gives new life to old mass-produced paintbrushes by carving and painting them into beautiful portraits of aristocratic dames seen in historical paintings. By doing this, she questions the notions of beauty and value. She also refers to the act of painting by painting on the tool itself. Aren’t they just beautiful?

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Charles Young | Paperholm

Charles Young is an Edinburg-based architect who enjoys creating miniature buildings in his spare time. Using watercolor paper, he creates detailed reproductions of machines and houses that come to life by using gifs. Aren’t these super cool?

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Esther Ruiz

doubleshadow blue sun concrete_setting_XXXII shape_setting_II

A_Place_In_My_Mind Television Memory New_Stone_Age

Esther Ruiz is a New-York-based artist who creates symmetrical sculptures. Using materials that wouldn’t seem to work together, like stern concrete and bold neon, her beautiful sculptures conceptualise industrialism.

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