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Charline Giffard | La Chambre de Marie

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La Chambre de Marie is a homage to the artist’s grand-mother as well as to every woman. Marie, or Mary using an¬†English spelling, being one of the most common names in the western world, Charline Giffard wanted to echo the feminine sensibility by taking her grand mother as a starting point. La Chambre, meaning the bedroom in French, relates to the intimacy¬†of the artist in this conceptual space that she created. Beautiful and secretive.

(via Jealous Curator)

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Michelle Blade

Aura of John MUir Between dancing Elysian-Palms Into the Starry Night Michelle Blade the zone


Michelle Blade‘s use of colours, contrasts and shapes is beautiful. Bringing the viewers to a breathtaking metaphorical world, her painting leaves us dreaming of wild and ethereal experiences.

(via The Jealous Curator)