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Fow Eating Skyr Photography | Lazzari Winter 2014 Lookbook

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I don’t know much about Fox Eating Skyr, except that they are a video and photography production company based in North Italy, and that they produced this beautiful series of photos for the Winter 2014 season of fashion brand Lazzari. I fell in love with these when I saw them in Frankie Magazine and they reminded me a bit of the aesthetics of Wes Anderson: frontal photographies, colourful shots and a touch of the 70s. Aren’t these just great?

(via Frankie)


Studio Noortje | My Knitted Boyfriend

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Men, beware! You might be replaced by this happy woolly boyfriend if you are not careful enough! Single women looking for the perfect match, this might be your lucky day.

My Knitted Boyfriend is a huggable cushion made for lonely nights. He is forever smiling and will never leave you. What more can you ask for?

(via Creative Boom)

Sia | Chandelier

I have been listening to Sia’s album “Some People Have Real Problems” many times since its release. So much that I didn’t even notice that since then, the artist released two new albums. The latest one “1000 Forms of Fear” features this song called “Chandelier”.

Now, I know this is an art blog usually dedicated to visual arts, but THIS SONG and THIS VIDEO truly are masterpieces. The dancer in the video, Maggie Ziegler, is only 11 years old and I am sure she will have a great career.

Amazing video and amazing choreography (by Ryan Heffington).

(via Slate)